#1 Infant Potty Training Guide for Parents and Children!!

Babies On Potties DVD demonstrates infant potty training using a proven scientific method known as condition reflex. It is a shockingly simple potty training technique that works wonderfully for potty training infants, babies toddlers, young children and dogs. You will learn all the secrets for potty training and watch live footage of a real babies and families in this educational and informative documentary.

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This is the only "Instructional DVD" on the market featuring:

-20 minute DVD

-15 minutes of Bonus Features


-Live Footage of a real family and babies using this technique

-Grandmother's Interview and Stories

-"How to" Techniques

-Tips and Tricks to Get Started Now!

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This DVD uses two facts:

1. Babies are BORN potty trained! Just like other animals, human infants instinctively avoid urinating and defecating on themselves.
2. "Condition Reflex" is a proven scientific experiment performed by the famous psychologist and Nobel prize winner Ivan Pavlov.  He used dogs and bells to prove his theory also known as Classical Conditioning.
When you combine these 2 ideas it makes the perfect recipe for potty training infants, potty training babies, potty training children, and potty training dogs.

This DVD supports the methodologies behind: Elimination Communication (EC), Natural Infant Hygiene, Infant Potty Training, Diaper Free Baby, Attachment Parenting, Potty Training, Green and Environmentally Friendly Potty Training, Potty Training Dogs and Potty Training Pets.

This film was made with love by caring parents and their children for the benefit of other parents and families like you!  Thank you for your support.  Good Luck, You can do it!

This is a perfect gift for the expecting or new parents!

It is also wonderful information to pass along to anyone  who has kids, has grandkids or for people who know kids, and that means Everyone!!