Did you know these potty training facts?

  1. According to the New York Times, 22,000,000,000 diapers go into the US landfills every year (Yes, that number is 22 Billion). 

  2. All animals including human infants, instinctively avoid urinating and defecating on themselves.

  3. Babies are born potty trained.

  4. Most cultures around the world have been practicing some form of this eco-friendly potty training method for centuries. (Except much of the western culture, we un-train babies by letting them sit in urine filled diapers and then we have to re-train them when we think they are "ready to be potty trained"). 

  5. In America, less than 50 years ago, many children were completely potty trained before the age of 6 months. 

  6. You can use a proven scientific theory for potty training children. 

  7. Psychologist Pavlov who demonstrated the famous “Condition Reflex Theory” with dogs and bells probably didn’t realize that his concept was going to make the perfect recipe for potty training children. 

  8. One of the main reasons babies squirm and fuss is because they are sitting in their own poop and pee.  Wouldn’t you? 

  9. All babies give us a simple sign before they have to eliminate their bladder and bowels. Do you know how to look for your child’s sign? 

  10. The diaper was originally used “just in case” of a potty accident (Not as a place to eliminate in).

  11. All non-industrialized countries have potty training communication with their babies from the first day they are born, that is over 2/3 of the world. 

  12. You can watch this educational documentary film online at Amazon. 

  13. You can own this DVD and potty train your child for less than it costs to buy another package of diapers.

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